Rainforest's Developer Experience (DevX) allows your technical team to write Rainforest tests within their text editor, preventing any disruption to their workflow.

This video and document will walk you through step-by-step setup and usage of DevX.

Reasons the Dev Experience is Awesome

  • Fits developers existing workflow
  • Seamless experience for rest of team (tests are in Rainforest too)
  • Tests in the same place as/side-by-side with the code being tested.

Diagram of how the Dev Experience fits in typical git-workflow

How to install rainforest-cli

If you're on a Mac and use brew, you may run:

brew install rainforestapp/public/rainforest-cli

Otherwise, you can directly download and install the rainforest-cli

Additional information

The Developer Experience is Open Source (public repository on Github)

  • Please contribute/fork if you’d like to see new features or fix any functionality

File format is .rfml

  • RFML are text files that can be changed and saved with any text editor.
  • Can be tracked with any version control software

Can be included in any automated scripts during release process

Written in Go

  • If you don’t want to use Go, you can import tests to the API with JSON
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