This document walks through step-by-step instructions to set up your JIRA integration.

Set up JIRA fields

In order to properly post issues to JIRA, the following fields must be enabled for your desired project:

  • Issue Type
  • Summary Description

In addition, any fields other than those above can not be configured as required fields.

Set up a Rainforest Application Link

  • Click 'Applications', then 'Application Links'.
  • Enter Rainforest's URL (, and click to create a new link. Click 'Continue' to set up.
  • Enter any application name, then continue to save your application link

Configure your integration settings within JIRA

  • Click Edit, then select 'Incoming Authentication'
  • Enter the following required information for OAuth (1.0) authentication:

Consumer Key

Consumer Name  
[anything you like] 

RSA Public Key
-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEA4edeTLpAi2vLpOPYMtyN53RktN8qIMXNuSacUJazjiBRCIfOmbm1zIlxTvTKnHN+eEWhTSbJzEobA16lBQnB4qmQL0sNmkUPrYHhAytyvBy1rcK1RWIe5ak1Je0opHx9D3QvVIKyOoRsL5trfOV91znPrO69PVNci+X/z2fEWeZSnLdqEG75KgVdQzGaaSGIo5DFz66WBG0RmCsFMTYrsi1ZhmFBLjiD7wXFJj76KF5nQpTeNJq1Grpy/QXg+vt65u0TPrq+6wa3TLOJCEX8VT5eNtfqUmWT3Bka6YOzs7UJQu2lIFIagQmbtj/Fs5lkVa2O5Escv0vP2gAGqiFjWwIDAQAB
-----END PUBLIC KEY----- 

Configure your integration within Rainforest

  • In your Settings scroll down to the Test Failure section
  • Fill out the form fields with the URL to your JIRA subdomain for the 'URL to your JIRA Integration' and 'OAuth Server URL' fields.
  • The standard format of the other fields are:
  • Request Token Path: /plugins/servlet/oauth/request-token
  • Authorization Path: /plugins/servlet/oauth/authorize
  • Access Token Path: /plugins/servlet/oauth/access-token
  • The Project Key is the project key you set up initially during your JIRA setup

Additional Notes:

  • The URL you input for the "Oauth Server URL" is often the same URL as the one you input for "URL to your JIRA integration"
  • For the "Request Token Path", "Authorization" Path and "Access Token" Path fields, input the path only; you do not need to include a full URL.
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