This document walks through step-by-step instructions to set up your JIRA integration.

Set up JIRA fields

In order to properly post issues to JIRA, the following fields must be enabled for your desired project:

  • Issue Type
  • Summary Description

In addition, any fields other than those above can not be configured as required fields.

Set up a Rainforest Application Link

To set up Rainforest as an Application Link you will need JIRA admin access for the menu below to appear and to use it. If you do not see Application Links in your JIRA instance, contact your JIRA admin. 

  • Click 'Applications', then 'Application Links'.
  • Enter Rainforest's URL (, and click to create a new link. Click 'Continue' to set up.
  • Enter any application name, then continue to save your application link

Configure your integration settings within JIRA

  • Click Edit, then select 'Incoming Authentication'
  • Enter the following required information for OAuth (1.0) authentication:

Consumer Key

Consumer Name  
[anything you like] 

RSA Public Key
-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEA4edeTLpAi2vLpOPYMtyN53RktN8qIMXNuSacUJazjiBRCIfOmbm1zIlxTvTKnHN+eEWhTSbJzEobA16lBQnB4qmQL0sNmkUPrYHhAytyvBy1rcK1RWIe5ak1Je0opHx9D3QvVIKyOoRsL5trfOV91znPrO69PVNci+X/z2fEWeZSnLdqEG75KgVdQzGaaSGIo5DFz66WBG0RmCsFMTYrsi1ZhmFBLjiD7wXFJj76KF5nQpTeNJq1Grpy/QXg+vt65u0TPrq+6wa3TLOJCEX8VT5eNtfqUmWT3Bka6YOzs7UJQu2lIFIagQmbtj/Fs5lkVa2O5Escv0vP2gAGqiFjWwIDAQAB
-----END PUBLIC KEY----- 

Configure your integration within Rainforest

  • In your Settings scroll down to the Test Failure section
  • Fill out the form fields with the URL to your JIRA subdomain for the 'URL to your JIRA Integration' and 'OAuth Server URL' fields.
  • The standard format of the other fields are:
  • Request Token Path: /plugins/servlet/oauth/request-token
  • Authorization Path: /plugins/servlet/oauth/authorize
  • Access Token Path: /plugins/servlet/oauth/access-token
  • The Project Key is the project key you set up initially during your JIRA setup

Additional Notes:

  • The URL you input for the "Oauth Server URL" is often the same URL as the one you input for "URL to your JIRA integration"
  • For the "Request Token Path", "Authorization" Path and "Access Token" Path fields, input the path only; you do not need to include a full URL.
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