Rainforest supports integrating with JIRA as follows:

When a test fails

Rainforest will automatically file an issue in JIRA unless you have enabled manually sending to JIRA under Integrations” in Settings.

Once you have created the integration, Rainforest will automatically create an issue/ticket in JIRA when a run fails. The title is always the "project key - number" (ex: MP-4, MP-5)

Note: If you want to only send failures your team labels as Bugs, you can manually send failures to JIRA by clicking “Enable manual error reporting" under Settings > Integrations.

When an issue is automatically created
The issue will automatically receive a label like "RfTest[test number]" (see screenshot). The test number used to create the label is related to test number in Rainforest.

If the test fails multiple times while the issue is open
No new issue/ticket will be created. Once it is closed, any new failures for that test will create a new issue.

As with any issue in JIRA, you can then drag these into sprints, and go forward with your existing processes.

If you are interested in integrating JIRA, follow the instructions here: configuring your JIRA integration

Error codes when manually exporting to JIRA
Code 400: Generic error code. Could be due to a variety of factors:

  • JIRA instance is missing required fields
  • JIRA ticket contains invalid field values
  • JIRA project contains fields that cannot be set for the issue type
  • JIRA ticket is being created by a user who does not have the necessary permissions
  • JIRA is unable to create a subtype in a project different that of the the parent issue
  • JIRA is trying to create a sub-task when the option to create sub-tasks is disabled
  • is invalid for other reasons

Code 401: Authentication error
Code 5##: Unexpected server error. Try again later or contact support to diagnose

For more information on JIRA's error codes, click here to view Atlassian's API Docs.

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