Free Trial Pricing and Budgeting

Learn how to estimate your Rainforest cost based on pricing and usage components.

The Pricing & Budgeting page helps you forecast your cost range based on which areas you plan to leverage in Rainforest. Estimates are based on average test running and creation times. Longer, more complicated tests cost more than shorter, simpler ones.

To get to the Pricing & Budgeting Page, click the Settings icon (gear) in the navigation bar. Then, click Pricing & Budgeting.


Navigating to the Pricing & Budgeting page.

Pricing and Budgeting Breakdown

Rainforest pricing has four components. Adjusting how you plan to use Rainforest automatically updates Manual Regression, Automation, and Test Writing.

Pricing Component
Manual Regression Testing
Tests execute via Rainforest’s Tester Community. Testing professionals from across the globe run your tests 24 x 7 x 365. At least two separate testers review the tests to ensure quality results.
Automated Regression Testing
Tests execute via Rainforest’s Automation Service. It’s faster and less expensive, and tests run more often.
Rainforest Test Writing
Rainforest Test Authors write and maintain your tests. Using this service allows you to focus on shipping software instead of maintaining a test suite.
Platform Fee
The base fee for Rainforest access.
The Rainforest pricing components.

Estimating Your Cost Based on Usage

Rainforest cost is based on how many tests you have, how often you run them, and how many platforms you want to include. Moreover, leveraging our Test Writing Service incurs additional cost.

Estimating Your Cost

  1. Select the Weekly Release or Daily Release presets. Alternatively, you can use the sliders to adjust the components.
  2. View the real-time updates in the chart that appears on the page.


Weekly Releases, Less Automation. This is a good starting point if you plan to run your tests weekly without Automation. Adjust the settings based on how you plan to use Rainforest.

Daily Releases, More Automation. If you plan to release daily, consider taking advantage of Rainforest’s Automation Service. You can further configure the settings to meet your budget and how you plan to use Rainforest.


Customizing your expected Rainforest usage.

Rainforest Usage

Usage Component
How often you expect to run the tests per month.
The number of tests you plan to include per run.
The number of platforms (browsers) you plan to include for each test.
Of the tests you plan to run, what percentage do you anticipate doing so using our Automation Service?
Test Writing
The number of tests you want Rainforest test authors to write or refactor per month using our Test Writing Service.
The Rainforest usage components.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].