Mobile Web Testing FAQ

Creating, running, and organizing mobile web tests

Rainforest allows you to extend your testing to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. We support both Android and iOS mobile web testing, as well as mobile app testing. For more information on Testing Native Mobile iOS and Android apps on Virtual Machines.

Should I create a different test for mobile and desktop?

If your mobile site functions very similarly to your desktop version, you can use the same test to run in both places.

If your mobile web's UI differs significantly from your desktop, you will want to have an independent suite of tests to cover your mobile web version of the tests. This is because the tester will have to interact with your mobile site differently than on the desktop version, and the test instructions may not accurately describe the actions that the testers need to perform.

If you find that you can reuse part of an existing test in your new mobile test, we recommend duplicating the test or copying steps over to the new test.

See here for our Supported Web Browsers and Mobile Device Specs.

Creating a mobile web test

Creating a mobile web test is done the same way you would do it for a Desktop test.

  1. Go to the tests page
  2. Click Create Test
  3. Provide in the information in the modal. Ensure you select Desktop/Mobile Web as the test type
  4. Create your test

Run tests on mobile browsers

When you want to execute the test, simply select the mobile browsers you want to run it on. The mobile web browsers can then be selected when you run the test(s) individually or as a part of a run group just as you would select for Desktop.

For more information on Executing a Test, Feature, Saved Filter, or Run Group.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or through Intercom!

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Mobile Web Testing FAQ

Creating, running, and organizing mobile web tests

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