New in Rainforest—February 22, 2021

See enhancements that Rainforest has delivered and are available as of February 2021.

Rainforest Automation is now Rainforest Test

We now refer to a Rainforest Automation Test simply as a Rainforest Test. Our free-form English language test writing interface is now called “Rainforest Classic.”

Rainforest Test is the core building block of the Rainforest platform. It allows you to run low-code test writing against our fast, inexpensive Automation Service or our expert Tester Community from the same test. We will continue supporting both test types for the foreseeable future. Moreover, we will always give you the ability to run Rainforest Tests by humans and machines.

Rainforest Test Taxonomy & Speed

We’ve renamed, consolidated, and redesigned the actions within Rainforest Tests. It’s much more transparent and easier to use, and dare we say, beautiful.

Rainforest Tests are built on actions like Click, Fill, and Navigate, which describe how a user interacts with a browser. We have simplified and reorganized the action selection to make test writing easier and faster. For example, we consolidated several Click action variations into a single action you can modify for Right-Click, Middle-Click, and Left-Click.

We refreshed the UI to better highlight actions, elements, and values to make it easier and faster to read tests. We also changed the code under the hood so that even tests with hundreds of actions remain responsive during editing. For more details, see Rainforest Tests: Test Writing Interface

Test Writing Service (TWS)

More of you rely on Rainforest Test Writing Service to write and maintain your test suite, leveraging our professional Test Authors' expertise. We’re working behind the scenes to make TWS radically more efficient. This means you can expect a much faster turnaround time, more seamless integration into the Rainforest platform, and an improved interface over the coming months.

Converting Rainforest Classic Tests to Rainforest Tests with TWS requests is a great way to save time and ensure test accuracy. Now it’s possible to use TWS Rewriting for this as well, which gives you the benefit of keeping the run history intact when the test is converted. See Test Writing Service: Convert Rainforest Classic to Rainforest Tests.

Questions or other issues often arise that block our Test Authors from completing a TWS request. Now, you can either provide extra information to unblock them; or you can cancel the request. This allows Test Authors to move more quickly to the next test request. For more information, see Test Writing Service Overview.


You may have noticed that some test results are easier to review. If you open a run with failed tests, you’ll be taken straight to the failures, so you can concentrate on triaging the problems found during the run.

Feedback from testers on Rainforest Classic tests is easier to view as comments. Feedback is also surfaced if you hover over failed and commented steps. Email notifications on failures now open directly to the failed test step for quicker review.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or via the chat bubble below.

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New in Rainforest—February 22, 2021

See enhancements that Rainforest has delivered and are available as of February 2021.

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