New in Rainforest - April 2021

Faster Results

We have optimized how our automation engine interprets steps and increased the speed of writing and execution of tests. On average, tests now run 20% faster, so you can test your application even quicker and keep your deployment pipeline moving!

Results are more detailed

We want to empower you to efficiently and effectively triage Automation Service results, so we've created a new image-matching flow. You can now review the method used to match the image, where we found it on the screen, our confidence, and the target image to compare for yourself.

Detailed results

Tests run by Automation Service now have HTTP logs and video files for more detailed analysis and sharing with your team.

We’ve added breadcrumbs to our Results pages to make navigating results more convenient. From a test result, you can quickly return to the Run Summary or jump back to your Results, and we'll remember your page and any active filters.

HTTP and Video

Run Group Redesign

Run Groups has been streamlined and reorganized so critical information is easy to find. The create Run Group process has been simplified. Editing may be done easily on secondary screens. Run Group settings are now better organized and grouped so reviewing information is easier and quicker.

Run Groups

Step Variables → Test Data

Step Variables have been updated to Test Data within Settings. Custom Variables, Tabular Variables, and Builtin Variables have all also been renamed to better reflect exactly what type of data it is and how it may be used.

Android 11

Android 11.0 phone emulator has been added to our extensive list of mobile devices. It’s been automatically enabled and is ready for your use. Just select from your list of platforms for test creation and execution. For a full list of platforms, see here.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or via the chat bubble below.

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New in Rainforest - April 2021

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