New In Rainforest - Prior Releases

Rainforest continues to make enhancements and new product advancements. We are now on an eight-week cycle. At the end of each cycle, Rainforest shares what has been accomplished during the prior weeks.

New in Rainforest! January 14, 2021

Rainforest Automation

  • Rainforest Automation now supports multi-level test embedding! Embedded tests are building blocks for tests, allowing you to build a set of test instructions that can be used over and over again. By using embedded tests, a single update populates multiple tests ensuring accuracy and lower maintenance. Previously only a single level of embedded tests could be used, now we support four levels of embedding, allowing much more flexibility in the building of tests.

  • The individual steps of embedded tests can now be viewed during preview. If an embedded test fails for any reason, you may pinpoint the exact step and make the necessary update.

iOS and Safari 14

  • We added the iPad Air on iOS 14 to our catalog of platforms.
    Not only that you can run tests on the latest Apple offering, but you can also continue to test older versions as we now support ios 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14 on iPad devices.

  • Safari 14 Beta on macOS Big Sur is now available.
    You will be able to stay on the cutting edge as we’ll continue to update as Apple releases new versions. Just select “Apple Safari 14 Technology Preview - macOS 11.0 Big Sur” when running tests to get the latest from Apple!

  • Both are available and ready for use. For a full list of Supported Web Browsers and Mobile Device Specs see here.



New in Rainforest! November 5, 2020

Rainforest Automation

  • We've rebuilt the interface from the ground up, emphasizing core features. As soon as you open a test, the virtual machine will navigate to your site focusing on the most important thing, writing tests. We've nestled things like test settings and run history away to help you focus on writing and previewing actions. For more information on how to create Rainforest Automation tests see here.

Test Creation Enhancements

  • Now it is much easier to create new tests in Rainforest. All that you need to specify is the URL you want to test. In addition, the method you used to create the test will be saved for next time. See here for more information

Run test dialog

  • Over the years the Run dialog had become bloated. We have rebuilt it, and made it much more intelligent based on the type of run being requested. Options and settings on the main screen have been optimized so you only have to confirm and select a few settings. Additional Options are available for further customization if needed. Learn more here.

Safari 14 on macOS is now supported in Rainforest

  • Rainforest has added Safari 14 on macOS Catalina 10.15, the latest Safari desktop browser, to our extensive list of supported browsers and mobile VMs. It has been enabled for all clients and is ready for use. Select it as you would any other browser or mobile VM for test creation and execution. See here for a full list of supported browsers.
  • iOS 14 on iPhone Pro Max 11 available!
    Don't forget, in addition to Safari 134 on macOS we released iOS 134 on iPhone Pro Max 11 a few months ago. It has been automatically added to your available platforms.

Test Result videos for Safari

  • Rainforest test result video playback has been enhanced to include playback in Safari browsers.

Crowd Tester VMs - ready means ready

  • We used to request VMs when Rainforest Testers got to the tester interface. If the VM was not available, the tester had to keep retrying or abandon it. This increased overall test completion time and made it more difficult for us to debug.
  • VMs are now preassigned to Jobs before they are assigned to testers. That means that testers can simply start testing and not need to wait for a VM. If there are VM availability issues, the job will error prior to tester assignment, allowing for more efficient identification and debugging.



New in Rainforest! - July 14, 2020

Rainforest Automation

To reduce brittleness and lower maintenance efforts, we've added Content Matching as an additional way to identify elements beyond the pixel matching.

Metrics and Reporting

  • Several new reports have been added that will give you more insight into test coverage and the health of your test suite. You’ll have detailed information on test creation, maintenance, usage, and problem areas where tests are failing. See our Rainforest Analytics and Reporting article for more.

Test Infrastructure Improvements

  • The proxy framework our machines use, which is essentially the way the machines talk to the outside world has been updated. We did this to improve the reliability and handling of errors (such as authentication failure or SSL certificate issues), as well as sharing those responses transparently back to you.
  • 'System Issues’ test failures are now reported directly to our support team so that they can monitor and fix critical system issues as quickly as possible. This is another reason to consider using our Failure Categorization feature within your QA workflow.

Updated Names

  • ‘Test Designer’ is now Rainforest Test Writing Service. Our Test Writing Service turns a crack squad of highly-trained QA professionals with extensive Rainforest experience into an on-demand service to help build and maintain your test suites. See our Rainforest Test Writing Service Overview article for more information.
  • Our automation language has been renamed from ‘Rainforest Test Language’ to Rainforest Automation. See our Rainforest Automation Overview article for more information.



New in Rainforest! - May 14, 2020

In this release, we focused on:

Rainforest Automation

Virtual Machine updates

Test Case Management and Test Writing Service updates



New in Rainforest! - March 13, 2020

This release concentrated on, VMs, Test Case Management, and Reporting. Please see our help documentation for details and also our changelog.

Rainforest Automation

Test Case Management


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or through Intercom!

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New In Rainforest - Prior Releases

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