Rainforest Test Writing Service Overview

All about the Test Writing Service and how it works!

What is the Rainforest Test Writing Service?

You can use our Test Writing Service (TWS) to initiate a new test writing request, Test Writing Service: TestRail Import FAQ, or Test Writing Service: Test Rewrite Requests to rewrite tests. We have specially trained testers (test writers) create and update your test cases using high-level test outlines about the desired tests to receive passing tests within 3-4 days.

The Test Writing Service (TWS) lets users get test cases created quickly within Rainforest with a fraction of the effort currently needed for test writing. Through this, users can request up to 20 tests and get these tests back in a passing state. The TWS allows users to immediately add these new tests to their test suite for execution.

How does Test Writing Service work?

We are leveraging the top testers in our tester community to review, write, and run your tests for you. This is how the Test Writing Service works:

  1. Submission. Users fill out the form provided in the UI and submit the test writing request. We recommend submitting 10-20 tests in a batch. See Test Writing Service: New Test Writing Request on how to create a test writing request!
  2. Test writing and running. Up to four test writers are added to work on the test cases. Each test writer will write and optimize the tests to pass on the selected browser – this means the test writer will run tests and get them to a passing state or they will block the test if there are any bugs, unclear instructions, environment issues, etc. that prevent the test from passing.
    For Rainforest Automation (RFA) tests, the tests will be run 3x to pass to ensure the test works consistently.
  3. Test Writing Request completed. Once the writers are done, the tests are released to your account in Rainforest.

What kind of information do users need to provide for a successful run?

The most critical component that can define a successful or unsuccessful run is the submitted test outlines and details. To ensure a high-quality output, we recommend following these guidelines:

  • Check that the environment you’re requesting works. This is a very common source of issues preventing successful test writing when test writers can’t access to the environment.
  • Make sure the credentials provided work.
  • Provide enough detail for test writers to follow instructions. There should be detailed instructions on what the test writer should do. If test writers do not have enough information, they may not be able to successfully navigate the site or won’t know what the expected behavior is. They will struggle to move forward and they want to avoid this as the result may not align with the desired outcome.
  • Avoid business and sector-specific jargon. You’ll be describing the test cases to test writers that may be unfamiliar with how your site works at the first run. It’s best practice to make sure that the test authors have enough information to complete the test writing.

See Test Writing Service: Best Practices

How I can track the progress of my tests?

As part of the Test Writing Service (TWS), you can track the progress of your test writing requests through the test-level statuses. This allows for increased visibility into the status for each of your individual test requests and enables the communication between you and the test writers through the product itself.

A test can be in one of the following states:

  • In Progress
  • Blocked
  • Completed

As the name suggests, a test is “In Progress” when it is in the process of being written. Once a test is written, passing, and successfully returned, the status changes to “Completed”.

The third status of test requests is “Blocked”. A test will be in a blocked state when a test writer needs more information and cannot proceed with creating and running the test. You'll receive an email with the blocker details if you have notifications enabled.

The blocker information is also displayed through the app, where you can click into the test view and check the blocker information, read the writer’s notes, and proceed to unblock the test writer by clicking the Update Status button.

You also find blocked tests by navigating to the Blocked tab from the side panel. This list will include tests that are being written or rewritten by test writers.

There are instances when a blocker (i.e. environment is down) may affect the entire batch of test requests, so similar to test-level status when all requests are blocked the user can unblock all tests via the product by clicking the Unblock Run button and providing additional information resolving the blocker.

How will I be notified once my tests are completed?

  • The Test Writing Service provides a summary report providing information about the output of their test writing requests. The report provides a breakdown of the tests requested, tests written, tests passing, and any tests that are blocked.
  • The report will be sent automatically via email upon the completion of each test writing request to any users that have enabled email notifications about test writing runs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or through Intercom!

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Rainforest Test Writing Service Overview

All about the Test Writing Service and how it works!

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