Results - Run Summary Page


The Run Summary Pageprovides detailed information about the individual test (if only one in a run group) or all the tests of a single Run Group.

Remember a Run Group is a single test or a group of tests that are run together. Each test of a run group is detailed on the Run Summary page.

Pass fail information for the Run Group, along with the run group name and other details of the run group are shown. Additionally, individual test information is shown as well.

Failure categorization is done at the individual test level. By selecting any test, you will be advanced to the Test Results for the selected test

Run Summary Page

Selection of a run will advance you to the Run Summary Page.
The Run Summary page contains details about the individual tests, the results and additional information for a single run group.

Much of the same information that is provided on the Runs page is also shown on the Run Summary page but with additional information detailed at the individual test level.

Run level details

  • Run Group name
  • Status
  • Start time
  • Failed, Passed, All Test filter. Selection will toggle among the various status and show applicable tests.

Test level details

  • Status
  • Priority (if available)
  • Test Name (can be reordered by selecting row header)
  • Failed Platforms (shown only for those tests, browsers for tests that failed)
  • Failed on Step (shown only for those tests that failed)
  • Reviewed by (populated if failure categorization is done)
  • Failure Category (failure categorization of issue)

NOTE: For Rainforest Automated tests, detailed information on Failed Platforms and Failed on Step is not shown at this time. Detailed test information is provided on the Test Results page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or through Intercom!

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Results - Run Summary Page

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