Sunsetting API Endpoints

Changes to the Rainforest API

As we continue to make improvements to our product’s features and performance, Rainforest will be modifying or sunsetting the following API endpoints on July 1, 2018. If you are currently using the API, please review the information below.

All paginated endpoints will return a maximum of 100 entries.

To ensure that our API endpoints are performant and reliable under all normal circumstances, all endpoints that accept the page_size parameter will return a maximum of 100 entries, even if page_size is set to a larger value.

Recommended action: If you are using page_size of greater than 100 in an integration, please change page_size to 100 (and use additional queries with the page parameter to retrieve subsequent entries) to ensure that there are no disruptions to your API usage.

The run_groups/:id/tests endpoint will be removed

This endpoint and all sub-endpoints will cease to function. This endpoint was made available during the Rainforest 2.0 beta and has since been superseded by the /1/run_groups/:id/elements endpoint.

Recommended action: If you are using the /run_groups/:id/tests endpoint in an integration, please use the /run_groups/:id/elements endpoint instead.

The runs/:run_id/tests/:test_id endpoint will return less data by default

This endpoint has a parameter, include_feedback, which specifies that the return body will include detailed tester feedback from the run results. The parameter currently defaults to true, which can return excessively large response bodies. This parameter defaullt will be changed to false.

Recommended action: To avoid disruptions, add include_feedback=false to any integration that uses this endpoint and use the /1/runs/:run_id/steps/:step_id endpoint to retrieve detailed feedback on a per-step basis.

The tests/:test_id/files endpoint will no longer return a test_id field

This endpoint currently returns an object that includes a test_id, referencing the parent test. That field will be removed from the response object to ensure consistency between returned objects.

Recommended action: Since the test_id field is redundant with the URL, integrations should have no need to explicitly rely on it. However, all integrations should be checked for implicit dependencies on the test_id field.

The POST /1/run_groups/:id/elements/batch endpoint will return less data

This endpoint currently has a response parameter that can be set to full or summary. With full, all tests will be returned in the response object, while with summary a smaller summary object will be returned. With this change, the response parameter will be ignored and a summary object will be returned in all cases.

Recommended action: For integrations that rely on the response of the endpoint, set the response=summary param to avoid any disruption. We recommend using the GET /1/run_groups/:id/elements endpoint to subsequently query a run group’s tests as needed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or through Intercom!

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Sunsetting API Endpoints

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