Weekly QA Visibility Email Report

The Rainforest QA Visibility Report sheds light on how key indicators have changed over the past several weeks. The report is intended to be a conversation starter for your team to understand if all is well, if something didn’t happen that was supposed to happen, or your QA process needs a little tweaking so that the numbers reflect what you want to see. 

It highlights Test Creation and Maintenance history, Test Execution and Failure Categorization.  

Examples of items this report can help highlight:

  1. You see the number of tests created didn’t go up very much in the past few weeks even though you released a few core features last week.
  2. Tests run last week went down considerably even though you had a few releases go out.
  3. No bugs were marked ‘caught’ even though the team was discussing a P1 that Rainforest caught.

In addition to the visual bar charts, there’s also a table that reports the numerical changes of these data points over the last two weeks.

Green - number is larger than the previous week

Red - number is smaller than the previous week

Tests Created - total number of tests created in the week

Tests Updated - total number of tests edited in the week (doesn't include tests that were created and edited in the same week)

Tests Run - total number of non-draft tests run in the week

Tests Passed - number of non-draft tests that passed in the week

Tests Failed - total number of non-draft tests that failed in the week

Bugs Caught - if your team categorizes failures in the app, this shows the number of failures that have been categorized as bug at some point in the week.  

See the article on Failure Categorization for more information on Bugs Caught and how to properly categorize failed tests.

See the article on Settings - My Account to update your email settings if you want to receive the Weekly QA Visibility Report.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or through Intercom!

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Weekly QA Visibility Email Report

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