Integrate Rainforest into your integration system

Rainforest is the simplest way of doing integration testing. Since integration tests play such a big role in assuring the quality of your software, it is important to run these tests on a regular basis.

The best way to achieve this is to integrate Rainforest with your existing continuous integration system or with your deployment system.

We've built a tool that should let you achieve this in minutes.

Rainforest CLI

To integrate Rainforest with any CI server or deployment tool, we wrote a Command Line Interface that triggers a run of your tests from any script. This tool is called rainforest-cli and is compatible with all build systems.

It's easy to install and with our new CLI - just follow the instructions for Mac, Windows or Linux.

Note: CLI V2 is fully compatible with our previous version. 

You can then run all of your tests using the following command:

rainforest run --token <YOUR API TOKEN> --fail-fast --description "CI automatic run" all

You can find your API token in the Settings pane of your account in the Integrations section.

The --fail-fast option makes the rainforest tool return immediately after the first failure.

The --description option adds an arbitrary description to the run.

For a comprehensive list of options, refer to the Github page of the tool.


Git Triggers w/ Rainforest-CLI

Rainforest's CLI client supports triggering based on the contents of a git commit message. This is useful if you have Rainforest integrated into your CI server, but want to have more control over what is tested.

To enable this feature, add --git-trigger to the command line options you're passing to Rainforest.

With this flag enabled the cli client will do nothing unless the last commit message for your project contains @rainforest and one or more hashtags. For example, if the last commit was;

"Fixed the login button" - we will not trigger rainforest

"Fixed the login button. @rainforest #login" - we will start a rainforest run with anything tagged login.

The most common and suggested use of git-trigger is to enable teams to test specific subsets of their Rainforest suites on feature branches for speed before their work is merged into a release branch where a full suite runs. For more details on how to get started with this workflow, please get in touch.

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