Tests are automatically selected to run against the Rainforest global crowd of testers, but you can select to have your tests run against your own on-premise crowd.

On-premise crowd is a dedicated team of internal testers from your company who will receive a job notification via email from Rainforest whenever you kick off a test to your on-premise crowd.

On-premise testers will receive their jobs in their tester portal like this and access the jobs through our VMs:

Adding On-Premise Testers to Your Account

On-premise testers are testers from your company who will run tests against your application through one of our VMs.

To add on-premise testers to your team, click on your name in the upper right corner of your Rainforest dashboard and select Team. Scroll to the bottom of the Team page and you will find a section titled "Your On Premise Tester Team". Enter the name and email of the tester you'd like to invite under Your On Premise Tester Team:

Rainforest will send them an email to set up their tester account:

Once successfully added, whenever tests are kicked off against your on-premise crowd, they'll receive email notifications from us to access their jobs.

From the on-premise tester portal, your internal testers will be able to complete their jobs through our VMs.

Please note: For all on-premise jobs, 1 job will be created per selected platform. I.E. if Chrome HD, Firefox HD, Edge HD and Safari HD are selected for 1 test, 4 individual jobs will be created when that test is run.

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