The Test Results page provides test step by test step details on the individual test that you have selected.   The following information is for Test Results run against the Rainforest Crowd.  Please see Results - Test Results Page (Automation) for information on the Results page for Rainforest Automation tests. 

Selection of a test advances to the Test Results page.
The Test Results page provides step-by-step details of the individual test.  

Test level details

  • Test Name
  • Draft - draft is noted on Test Name if the test was run in draft mode
  • Status - of last run    
         No results    
  • Owner - who in your organization owns the test 
  • Started - start time of last run
  • Completed - duration (how long it took to execute) the last run
  • Results History - how has the test performed the last five times.        
         Green: P

Step Results

This test was run on ten separate platform.  

A listing of the step by step details of the test for the most selected execution.  

Clicking into a step (by selecting green check, red X or grey dots) on the right shows the selected test step.  

You can expect to see anywhere between one and three results, and in rare cases more than 3, if we don't reach consensus on a result with the first few testers. 

If the test is run on multiple browsers, results are grouped by browser.

You may change the status of the test as well.  If the test is failed by rainforest, you may override and pass the test by selecting Change to passed.  Conversely you may change a passed test step to Failed if needed.  Override reasoning must be provided.

NOTE: if you are reviewing tests that were selected from Draft Runs, only a single tester result is shown as only a single tester performs tests in Draft Runs.

Tester results, mouse tracking, video, logs and rating

Step results provide detailed information on the selected test step by tester.  You can see what each tester did and why they either passed or failed the step

  • Test instructions fo this step are shown at the top of the page
  • Tester response (pass / fail) provided at the top of the page
  • Screenshot: Select Screenshot from the top and you will see the screenshot the tester took on this step.  NOTE: to toggle on / off the mouse tracking.  Select the EYE icon at the bottom left.  If this is on, you will see the mouse tracking and click movements of the tester
  • Video:  Select Video from the top and you will see a video playthrough of the tester on this step
  • Rate Tester for this step:  You can rate the tester from Very poor to Amazing!  Ratings are used to determine the tester's overall reputation score.  Testers with continuously low scores will be retrained or removed from the crowd  Rating a tester does not remove the tester from testing for your account. We encourage you to rate testers on their performance so we can improve results quality for everyone.
  • View  HTTP request log: View the HTTP log for this tester for this test step
  • View   browser log: View the browser log for this tester for this test step
  • Download  browser log: Download the browser log for this tester for this test step
  • Download  video: Download the video of the entire test for this tester
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