The Test Results page provides test step by test step details on the individual test that you have selected.   The following information is for Test Results run on Rainforest Automation.  Please see Results - Test Results Page (Crowd) for information on the Results page for Rainforest Crowd tests. 

Selection of a test advances to the Test Results page.
The Test Results page provides step-by-step details of the individual test.  

Test level details

  • Test Name
  • Draft - draft is noted on Test Name if the test was run in draft mode.  
  • Status - of last run
         No results
  • Owner - who in your organization owns the test 
  • Started - start time of last run
  • Completed - duration (how long it took to execute) the last run
  • Results History - how has the test performed the last five times.  
          Green: P
  • Platform(s) - the platform(s) the test was run.
         Red: Failed
         Grey: Passed or Aborted
    If the test was run on multiple platforms, select the platform you wish to view in detail.  Selected platform is indicated by blue bar.
  • Go to Test - will advance you to the test for further review and editing

Step Results

Rainforest Automation results provide a browser by browser, step by step review of the test run.  A video capture shows the exact actions (in real time) the Rainforest Automation took in order to complete the test.

As the video advances, the associated step will be highlighted (blue outline).  Steps that have passed with have a Green Checkbox.  If a step has failed, a Red X is shown and the test will have stopped at that step for that browser.

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