Write tests to cover specific workflows

Each Rainforest test should center around the execution of one specific process. The best tests consist of 1 to 10 clearly explained steps which are focused on a single process. We call these processes 'Workflows.'


Below is a useful sample of flows to test:

Forms and Applications

  • Check that mandatory fields are indicated
  • Check that an error message displays when character requirements are not met
  • Check that a form submission is accepted


  • Signup and create an account
  • Email/sms confirmation is received
  • Login with existing credentials

Profile Activity

  • Edit and save user profile
  • Upload/delete profile picture
  • Reset password


  • Test search capabilities
  • Check sorting & filtering options work
  • Check button/links function as expected

Number and Dates

  • Check date submissions are valid
  • Check that numeric fields reject alphabetical entries
  • Make sure proper error messages display when triggered

Social Media Integrations

  • Verify that social login integrations work
  • Check social sharing buttons display
  • Test whether users are able to publish comments using social media profile

Uploading & Downloading files

  • Make sure relevant file types upload successfully
  • Check that incorrect formats are rejected
  • Test successful file downloading
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