Drive ownership and accountability over tests and results

If you've ever looked at results for a test you didn't write, and don't recognize, you've probably wondered 'Who wrote this? Has this test failed before? Who should I notify about a bug in this area?' The Test Owner concept is here to help with that.

Benefits of using Test Owner

When tests have owners, it's easier to know who on the team is the best person to talk to or notify about results, or ask them about the health of the tests they own. This can be especially helpful in larger companies where several people (potentially across different teams) log into Rainforest, sometimes from different cities and time zones.

Assigning an owner to test(s)

Please note that only existing Rainforest users can be assigned as test owners. If you want to assign someone who's not in the account, you can invite new team members from the Settings > Team page.

Test owners can be set in several ways:

  • From the New Test flow. We assume that if you're logged in and creating a new test, you will also be the owner and default to you. If that's not the case, select any other Rainforest user from the dropdown.
  • From the individual test page, from a dropdown in the right hand side navigation. You can assign an owner to a test that previously didn't have one, or replace the existing owner of a test.

Assigning a test owner from the individual test page

  • You can select several test(s) to assign an owner to from All Tests, Saved Filter pages, or Feature folders. Mark the tests using the check boxes in front of them, use the navigation at the top of the page (as seen here), and click 'Assign Test Owner' (the tiny crown icon). Please note: if you override an existing owner, the previous owner doesn't get notified. Don't go stealing someone else's tests! Also, you can't mass remove test owners, you can only override existing ones.

Assigning a test owner to several tests

  • For Test Designer requests, we'll return the tests and assign the owner as the person who created the request in the first place.

How we suggest you use this

Let's say someone on your team becomes responsible for a product area - e.g. Sarah owns the 'Checkout' feature and Amir owns the 'Registration' feature, and some of their P1 tests are included in the daily smoke suite run.

In this case, by having Sarah and Amir as owners of those tests both can become the people responsible for adding coverage for their features, writing (or requesting) and refactoring those tests to keep them up to date, reviewing their results and letting others know about them or making decisions off the back of results.

When their tests are added to the Smoke suite and someone else on the team reviews results, it's now much easier for them to know who to notify about issues. The test owner avatars will appear in individual test result pages. When you categorize a test result, you also have the option to notify someone by email - and the test owner will be the default selection. Handy!

Future changes

Test owner is an evolving feature, so expect to see more from us in 2019. We plan to do more work to notify owners about results and actions needed on their tests, both in Rainforest and outside of it (e.g. via Slack).

Questions? Feature requests? Send us an email at to chat.

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