To get to the Team page, go to Settings (gear on left green navigation), then click Team .

Changing Team Name

  1. Update the name in Team Name
  2. Select Save

Managing team members.

You can view all the users under Your Team.

Inviting team members

In the Team settings

  1.  Enter Name and Email of the users you want to invite
  2. click Invite User

Invited users will get an email inviting them as a user in your Rainforest account and prompt them to finish setting up their user account by setting a password.

Removing team members

To remove a user, select the trashcan icon beside their name and confirm that you want to delete the selected user.

Owner and Members

There is one owner per team.  The owner may manage the other team members (add, delete etc).  The owner may also  designate a new Owner by hovering over the user's role.

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