Configure and change test site

You can configure Rainforest to test any number of sites. We think about sites as distinct web properties which you would like to run Rainforest tests against. All tests can only be run against one single site by default. You can add more sites or edit them by going to the Sites page.

For us at Rainforest, we have a separate site for our marketing page (, our blog page ( and our main application (

The URL for your sites may be different for their specific environments, so make sure to add the appropriate URL for that site in their unique environment.

They also have a path that will get linked with the site URL to generate the final URL. For instance, if you have a site URL of '' and a test path of '/signup', the tester would then be asked to navigate to ``.

Change your test site

You can alway change the site for a specific test once it has been created.
Click on the Site section within your test to modify the path or change the site completely.

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