Set up and configure test environments

It is very common for web applications to be deployed to various locations. The most common use case is to have a staging and production environment. Before deploying new code to all of your users, you deploy it to a staging server and test it there.

Environments and sites come together in the form of a grid. You need to provide Rainforest with one URL for each intersecting cell on the matrix created by sites and environments that can be accessible to our testers. If your environment is behind a firewall, check out the list of IPs to whitelist for our testers to gain access.

In the example below we've shown a list of Environments and a list of Sites.

Environments act as the overall environment type you want to run your test against. This environment would be selected at the time of triggering the run. The sites are individual starting sites that you assign to your test case. They all have a default that they choose (which is based on your default environment). The environment you choose to test against informs the the specific site that is chosen.

As you can see from the example, the Email Staging site has two different potential sites to be chosen from, depending on whether the test is run from the QA or the Production environments. This matrix adds a level of versatility to how you wish to choose where to test.

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