True Coverage is a Rainforest feature that provides a quantitative assessment of QA coverage by comparing product usage between your live site and your environment used for testing. True Coverage also exposes a list of uncovered paths and can help drive your QA strategy with Rainforest and other tools.

How True Coverage work?
This feature analyzes the usage across all the paths in your site and compare traffic between your production and QA environments. This information is then represented as the proportion of all paths in production that are also covered in your QA environment.

The actual calculation provided by True Coverage is the sum of the views of covered paths in production expressed as a percentage of total views in your site. Let’s look at an example:

Because 3 of the 4 views are covered, the True Coverage score will be 75%: (250+250+250)/(250+250+250+250).

How to use True Coverage
Please note that you need to have Google Analytics installed on both your production and testing environment. It takes less than 2 minutes to set up by adding the analytics.js snippet to your site. If you need any assistance, please reach out to your CSM or Onboarding Specialist.

Please note that True Coverage is currently in a closed beta. To be added to the beta, please reach out to your CSM or Onboarding Specialist.

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