What is True Coverage?
It is difficult to objectively know what coverage your app has, what is missing, what coverage to prioritize and create, and whether the coverage in place is good enough.

True Coverage aims to a provide a quantitative assessment of QA coverage by comparing product usage between your live site and your environment used for testing and exposing not-covered parts of your apps.

How does True Coverage work?
True Coverage looks at all the paths in your app using Google Analytics (to start) and compares traffic between where your users are (typically production) and where testing is done. It then shows you which parts are not covered by highlighting where there is traffic in production but not where your testing is done. Finally, it gives you a score of your overall coverage.

How do I get started?
The high-level steps are 1) install GA in your testing and Prod environments; 2) connect to the True Coverage app; 3) we generate the report and share it with you.

More detailed steps:

  1. Install the Google Analytics snippet into your testing and production environments if you haven't already. Instructions here.
  2. Go to https://coverage.rainforestqa.com/ signed in as a Google Analytics admin. Click Click "Connect with Google Analytics" and sign in.
  3. Select your main Production analytics account and main app
  4. Select your main QA environment and app testing is done in
  5. Click "Generate Report" and you're done!

Our team will follow up when the report has been created (takes about 48 hours). If you get stuck, reach out to support@rainforestqa.com.


Why do I need Google Analytics in my QA environment?
To properly analyze what flows are not being tested, we need to places to compare (where users are vs where testing occurs).

Can I see an example of what a True Coverage report looks like?
Yes, below is a small sample of the report. Yours will be specific to your app.

We look forward to delivering you your True Coverage report!

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