To keep test suites up to date and to update tests when they need maintenance, Rainforest has a variety of Searches and Filters that allow you to search and/or filter for the tests you need to access.


Searching is essential for finding tests that need updating due to app changes, optimization, bugs, or failures.

From the All Tests or Feature view, click the Search & Filters button.

Note: if the Rainforest interface doesn’t look like this, visit this article.

From the All Tests or Feature view, click the Search & Filters button. Below are the search options and what they do. If searching within a Feature, the search will be constrained to just that Feature. If searching within the All Tests view, Rainforest will search your entire test database.

Search Titles and IDs: Any string entered into this box will search the Titles of your tests and refresh the test table with the tests that have a matching title. If you put in a test ID, Rainforest will return the single ID searched for.

Search Test Steps: Any string entered into this box will search the contents of your tests and return the tests that match your search (i.e. "sign up button" would return all the tests that contain "sign up button" in its steps).


Filters can be combined with searches, or used on their own. These are powerful tools for pruning down results from a search, or quickly getting to tests that share a commonality. Below are the filter options and what they do.

Any Owner

  • Choose from a list of test owners from your team
  • Allows you to filter by a particular test owner on your team

Any Result

  • Choose from Passed or Failed
  • Allows you to see the result of the test on its latest run. No Result will not show up

Any Tags

  • Choose from any tag you have attached to tests
  • Allows you to only see tests that are attached to certain tags. You can filter for multiple tags.

Any Feature

  • Choose from any feature you have
  • Allows you to only see what tests are attached to a feature. You can also just click on the Feature on the left side of the All Tests view.

Any Run Group

  • Choose from any Run Group you have
  • Allows you to only see tests that are inside a particular run group

Any Embedded Status

  • Choose from Embedded Test or Regular Test
  • A very helpful filter, Any Embedded Status allows you to see if a test is embedded into another test, or what tests are not. This is particularly helpful if combined with Search for test maintenance.

Any State

  • Choose from Enabled, Disabled, or Draft
  • Allows you to see tests that have been marked as Enabled or Disabled or Draft. More info on these states can be found in the Help Center.

Any Test Type

  • Choose from Web Test or Mobile Test
  • Allows you to see only your Web Tests or your Mobile tests. This is particularly helpful for teams that have multiple apps or teams working within Rainforest.

Any Site 

  • Choose from any Site or Mobile App you have in your account
  • Allows you to see only tests that are relevant to a particular site ( web app vs Amazon consumer iOS app, for example)

Any Variables

  • Choose from any step variable you have in your account
  • Allows you to find tests that contain a particular variable. This is helpful for updating tests that have a variable that has changed, or figuring out which tests are problematic because of a variable issue.

Any Exploratory Run

  • Only for users who have Exploratory testing enabled. Choose from any Exploratory run.
  • Allows you to see bugs that were created from particular Exploratory runs
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