How Rainforest tests work

Well written test cases are the key to moving fast and not breaking things in Rainforest. When written properly, your tests allow you to monitor key processes at a glance and instantly pinpoint where and when issues occur.

Manual testing in the Rainforest model may differ slightly from the manual QA you are used to. Our large pool of available testers makes it possible for all of our users to run all of their tests in parallel, on demand. To unleash our testers' full potential, we've developed highly-focused test format, which is easily written and maintained by any member of the team.

What is a Rainforest test?

Rainforest tests are, simply put, a short series of instructions for testers to follow through and confirm an expected outcome. Each instruction, called a step, is written in plain English in a simple action/question format designed to be both easy to write and execute.

While the basics of test writing in the Rainforest model are very intuitive, we highly you recommend checking out our Overview of Rainforest Tests for more test writing tips and best practices!

To learn more about our testers, check out our Testers Page!

If you ever have any questions about test writing, please feel free to let us know at!

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