Naming schemes to easily identify tests

Each time you write a test, you should name the test. Ideally, the name of the test would instantly communicate the workflow it's covering at a general level.

Depending on the flow that the test covers, you will want to consider following a naming scheme or system to effectively manage your test suite. Here are two common systems to help you start that process:

“[General Area of Workflow] - [Specific Area of Workflow]”

The most widely used naming system is to name your test based on the feature of the app you are testing. To do this, decide the roadmap of features that your tests will fall into and use those as your General Feature Names. Then, each test author can name the test after this feature in conjunction with the specific flow they are testing.

  • Example: “Project XYZ - Add Task"
  • Example: “Register as New User - Contact Details”

“[Type of Test] - [Area of Workflow]"

If you have different types of tests (i.e. iOS, Android, Mobile or Web) then it can be helpful to tag tests first with the type of test and then the area of the workflow

  • Example: “iOS App - Log in”
  • Example: “Web - Log in”

Other helpful naming elements:

Initials or Name of the original test author

When you have multiple regular users of in your Rainforest account, it may be helpful to identify who was the original author of a test. By being able to identify who wrote the test originally, those who want to edit or change that test have someone to refer to for guidance about whether the edit or change aligns with the original author's intent for the test.

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