The Rainforest QA Visibility Report sheds light on how last week compared to the week previous by looking at a few high level numbers.

This report is intended to be a conversation starter for your team to understand if all is well, if something didn’t happen that was supposed to happen, or your QA process needs a little tweaking so that the numbers reflect what you want to see. Examples:

1. You see tests created didn’t go up very much weeks ago even though you released a few core features last week

2. Tests run last week went down considerably even though you had a few releases go out

3. No bugs were marked ‘caught’ even though the team was discussing a P1 that Rainforest did catch.

What are the columns referring to and what do the colors mean?
Green = number is larger the most recent week than the previous week
Red = number is smaller than the previous week

Tests Created = the total number of new tests created in the week

Tests Edited = the total number of tests edited in the week (doesn't include tests that were created and edited in the same week)

Tests Run = the total number of non-draft tests run in the week

Tests Passed = the number of non-draft tests that passed in the week

Tests Failed = the total number of non-draft tests that failed in the week

Bugs Caught = if your team categorizes failures in the app, this shows the number of failures that have been categorized as bug at some point in the week

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