White-list our IP range to allow our testers to access your testing environment

Rainforest testers come from various IPs addresses and it is important that testers coming from these IP addresses are able to access your environment.

If you'd like to whitelist or filter logs based on where our testers come from, you can easily do this. All Rainforest live testing comes from the following IPs:

You may fetch this via our API: https://app.rainforestqa.com/api/1/vm_stack


Can I limit which IP addresses testers come from?

The Geolocation feature can be used to have tester originate from specific IP addresses that reflect coming from United States, Canada, or Australia. Note, this does not mean that testers are physically in that region.

  • and - USA
  • - Canada
  • - Singapore
  • - Australia

How do I enable Geolocation?

If it is already enabled on your account please see this article. If you would like to request the Geolocation feature, please reach out to support@rainforestqa.com.

Can testers come from the same IP address during the same run? 

Yes, multiple testers can appear as coming from the same IP address, especially when testing against the global crowd. Only the use of Geolocation will restrict testers to a single IP address.

How else can I identify if activity comes through Rainforest VMs? 

All HTTP/HTTPS requests coming from a Rainforest virtual machine, with exception of Device Farm devices, contain the header "X-RF: 1.", where 1 will be an internal Rainforest ID of ~8 characters or more. Depending on your language (PHP for example), this may be returned as HTTP_X_RF, rather than X-RF.

How can I identify webhook traffic from Rainforest?

Webhook traffic will come from the following IP addresses, so please be sure to whitelist them as needed:


If you need further assistance, click the blue chat icon in the Rainforest App or email us at support@rainforestqa.com.

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