Currently supported browsers and devices

Desktop Virtual Machines

Rainforest desktop web platforms are virtual machines on which regular web regression tests can be run against.

Mobile Virtual Machines

Rainforest mobile virtual machines can be used for both mobile web regression tests and to test native mobile applications.

Are the Android and iOS mobile virtual machines real, physical devices?

Rainforest Android and iOS virtual machines are not real, physical devices; they are virtual machines spun up by Rainforest whenever they are requested for a test.

  • Rainforest Android virtual machines utilize Android Emulators which simulate Android devices on desktop.
  • Rainforest iOS virtual machines are iPhone simulators built on Xcode.
  • Learn more about configuration requirements in our mobile section.

iOS and Android Real Devices

In partnership with Amazon Device Farm, Rainforest provides real devices on which both mobile web regression tests and native apps can be tested through the Rainforest platform.

iOS Real Devices

Android Real Devices

Additional information about the real devices Rainforest provides can be found in Amazon Device farm's frequently asked questions section. Learn more about how to configure your app for Rainforest testing here.

If you have any questions regarding our platforms and devices, please let us know at!

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