Understanding Exploratory results and find them in the Dashboard

Rainforest Exploratory, while being a complementary product to Rainforest Regression testing, is in many ways a very different approach to QA. As such, the way results from Exploratory run should be approached differently as well.

Contextualize Exploratory Test Cases:

Whether you kick off a test creation or bug-finding Exploratory run, the results of your run will be returned as a n number of Rainforest test cases. However, depending on the type of run that was kicked off, the test cases returned to you may differ in objective and direction.

When you trigger a test-creation Exploratory run, the test cases returned to you will capture the various workflows you specified in your instructions as regression test cases. Like all well-written Rainforest regressions, these test cases will capture a single workflow from end to end. With a bit of editing these tests can be run as bona fide Rainforest regressions against the global crowd of Rainforest testers.

When you trigger a bug-finding Exploratory run, the test cases returned to you are written with the expected result of the workflow in mind. That is to say, if this test was executed by a normal, global Rainforest tester, this tester would successfully 'pass' the test and not encounter the bug.

The actual bug that was identified by the tester will be logged in the Notes section of the test case as the actual result along with a link to a video documenting the bug in real-time.

Access Exploratory Results

Your Exploratory Results can be accessed and viewed from a number of locations in the Exploratory UI.

You can view test results from the Exploratory History page by clicking the blue hyperlinked number of tests. This will bring you to the List view of all of your Exploratory results.

You can also access the results of an Exploratory run from a past instruction form. Simply click into the past instruction form, click "View Results" and you'll be shown your results in the List view of your Rainforest tests.

A third way to view results is by going to 'All Test' view of your account. Each Exploratory run's results will be automatically logged and that includes the tag number of the run as the sorting condition so you can find by 'Run Type' or Exploratory Tag' in the filter.

If you have any questions about your Exploratory results, please reach out to us at support@rainforestqa.com!

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