To begin an Exploratory run, navigate to the exploratory page by clicking the lightbulb icon on the left panel. Click the blue "New Exploratory Run" button in the top right of the Exploratory history page above the run history table. You will be brought to a form where you will enter your instructions for your Exploratory run.

The essential requirements of Exploratory Instructions

Each of the following requirements is necessary for each Exploratory run to be triggered and executed successfully. The key requirements are as follows:

  1. A unique title 
  2. At least one (1) functioning URL
  3. Site authentication credentials and/or test accounts
  4. Instructions and/or areas of focus
  5. Any areas of your application to avoid (optional)

Give your run a title

Giving your runs a unique title will help you keep track of which areas of your application you have previously run Exploratory against.

At least one (1) functioning URL

For any Exploratory run to be executed successfully, at least (1) functional starting URL must be provided to your Exploratory testing team. For Native Application Exploratory on mobile, input the source URL that points to your application. Visit this link to learn more about Mobile Exploratory testing. The tester team will treat this URL as their starting point from which they should begin their testing. 

In the Exploratory instruction form, the starting URL can be inputted in the text field below Which specific URLs do you wish to cover?  

*Note: If your site is restricted by IP address, please notify Rainforest of this before starting your exploratory run.

Site authentication credentials and/or test accounts

It is also necessary to provide to testers any authentication credentials that may be needed to access the defined testing site. For some sites, this involves inputting authentication credentials upon navigation to the testing site to gain access. For others, the testing site can be navigated to, but the actual areas of testing may be gated by logging in as a specific user into a predefined state.

Add all authentication credentials and/or test accounts be recorded in the field below If testers need to log in, please provide login credentials below.  in the Exploratory instruction form. For example:

Specify Areas of Focus

You will need to enter all instructions that are necessary to give testers context while testing. This can be as high level or as granular as you want them to be. Some give a brief summary of the feature being tested; others will provide a comprehensive report about how a feature is supposed to function.

The areas of focus may include specific features and workflows. Please be sure to avoid using any internal language to describe any product areas of focus.

The overview should be entered into the field below What areas of your application should your tester team focus on? 

Any Areas of your application to avoid.

Testers will not cover any areas specified in the section Which parts of your application should testers avoid? . This often includes areas that have known issues or specific features and workflows that are being deprecated.

Since each Exploratory run is unique, it will take some time to learn how to calibrate these requirements for each run. If you have any questions, simply contact us via Intercom (blue chat icon) at the bottom right of your screen or shoot us a message at!

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