How to kick off an Exploratory run

Kicking off an Exploratory run:

To begin an Exploratory run, click the blue "New Exploratory Run" button in the top right of the Exploratory history page above the run history table. You will be brought to a form where you will enter your instructions for your Exploratory run.

Inputting Exploratory instructions

Step 1: Give your run a title

  • Giving your runs a run will help you keep track what areas of your application you have previously run Exploratory against

Step 2: Choose the primary objective for the run

  • The default objective of an Exploratory run will be bug-finding
  • An Exploratory run cannot be triggered if the user doesn't select one of these two goals
  • To use Exploratory for test-creation, please reach to your Rainforest CSM for details.

Step 3: Define a start URL

  • This is the URL at which our testers will begin testing from
  • You may provide multiple urls here to direct testers to the specific locations in your application where you want them to test

Step 4: Provide Authentication and Log-in credentials

  • If your testing site is gated, we require that you provide authentication credentials to allow testers to access the site to perform their testing
  • If you site is restricted by IP address, please let your Rainforest CSM know before hand so that we can collect the IP addresses of your tester team
  • If you would like our testers to log into your site as an end user, we ask that you provide a minimum of 4 test accounts for our testers to use for testing

Step 5: Specify Areas of Focus and run-specific instructions

  • In this field you will enter all instructions that are necessary to give testers context while testing
  • Instructions can be as high or low leveled as you want but should contain an appropriate amount of detail for the round.
  • Check out our Exploratory best practices for tips and tricks on how to dial in and focus your Exploratory testing instructions

Step 6: Specify Areas to Ignore

  • The last field in the Exploratory instruction form is meant to allow you to point out to testers areas of your app that should be avoided during this round
  • If there aren't areas you want the testers to explore, just say "No".

In the end, you should end up with a filled out form that looks something like this:

When you're ready, just click "Start Exploratory Run" at the button of the form and watch your results roll in.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at!

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