Modify tags, add tests to features or run groups, and bulk run, delete or duplicate multiple tests at once.

Editing multiple tests at once is simple in the Rainforest dashboard: simply go to the "All Tests" page and click on the checkboxes to the left of each test.

Once you've selected one or more tests, a menu bar appears offering you a few options. These will affect every selected test.

Tag Tests
The "Tag Tests" button lets you add one or more tags to all the selected tests. Once clicked, a popup menu will appear. Enter the tags you want to add in the input box and click save. The tags will be added to your test, it won't replace the existing ones.

Run Test
Search for a group of your tests by keywords or various other filter options and dynamically apply settings to that subset of tests and then click run.

Add Test to a Feature
Bulk add a group of tests to a feature to help you organize tests by your products. Select the test you would like to add to a feature and then select the "Move to Feature" folder icon.

Add Test to a Run Group
Bulk add a group of tests to a run group with run settings already attached to create larger test suites.

When clicking the duplicate button, all selected tests will be copied. We add the text "(Duplicate)" add the end of the title of newly created test to easily help you find duplicates.

You can use this functionality if you want to create a test that is very similar to an existing one. First create the duplicate, then edit the test to change the title to something more meaningful and edit the steps as necessary.

If you have tests that are no longer needed, you can select them using the checkboxes and click the delete button. Careful, this action cannot be undone.

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