Modifying multiple test cases

Updating multiple tests at once is simple!

  1. Navigate to the All Tests page
  2. Select the checkbox(es) on the test(s) that you want to modify. Select the checkbox at top to select up to 100 tests (on the current page) at a time
  3. Select the action(s) at the top you wish to perform
    Note: only those actions that are applicable will be highlighted. Ex: Run is not selectable if one or more of the tests is in draft or disabled state.

Add Tag
Adds one or more tags to selected tests. Once clicked, a popup menu will appear. Enter the tags you want to add, once you close the popup the tags will automatically be saved.

Move to Feature

Moves all selected tests to the chosen feature.
Please note, a test can only be in a single feature. If any selected tests were already in a feature, they will be removed from the old feature when added to the newly selected feature.

Add To Run Group
Add selected tests to selected Run Group with run settings already attached to create larger test suites. A test may be in multiple Run Groups

Run will start a run for selected tests.

Any disabled or draft tests selected cannot be run using this button.

Assign Test Owner

Assigns an owner to the test.
If there was a previous owner, they will be replaced by the selected new owner.


Send all selected tests for rewrite via our Test Writing Service.
Note: This option is only available if you have te Rainforest Test Writing Service enabled. The test instructions should be clear and concise. Be mindful if selecting multiple tests as the same instructions will be applied to all tests selected.

Disable Test

Set the test to disabled and if it's included in any run groups, the test won't be executed as a part of the run group

All selected tests will be copied. "(Duplicate)" will be added to the end of the title of newly duplicated tests to make them easier to find.

Will delete all selected tests. This action cannot be undone.

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