Exploratory testing at a high level

Rainforest Exploratory is a freeform approach to testing that allows users to build out their regression test suites and uncover unknown issues quickly and efficiently.

An Exploratory run in action:

When a customer signs up for Exploratory, Rainforest dedicates 4 testers who remain with the customer for the entirety of their relationship of Rainforest. These same 4 testers are the ones testing each time an Exploratory run is kicked off.

During each Exploratory 'run', each tester in your dedicated team will perform 4 hours of testing based off the instructions sent to them; each Exploratory 'run' in short consists of 16 total hours of testing.

Each Exploratory run has a duration of 48 hours from the moment the run is triggered. As such, the 16 hours of testing from the tester team will take place within this 48 hours window. Results from the Exploratory run are delivered in the form of Rainforest test cases at the end of this 48 hour window.*

Exploratory can also be focused to uncover unknown issues with an application through bug-finding Exploratory. This use case involves specifying to the tester team an area of your application and directing them to explore it looking for bugs.

Test cases generated from bug-finding Exploratory will document step-by-step workflow showing how the tester uncovered the bug. These test-cases will also include the tester's notes on what they expected to happen, what they actually encountered and, a video link of the tester recreating the bug.

If you'd like to get started on Exploratory testing, please reach out to your dedicated Rainforest CSM!

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