Rainforest's Android VM emulators are available for you to test your application. These VMs mirror the screen resolution and OS version of real devices. The testing interface allows you to interact with the majority of the functionality of a real Android device.

Common functionality available via the action bar inside the VMs:

  • Power Button (Ctrl+P)
  • Volume Up (Ctrl+=)
  • Volume Down (Ctrl+-)
  • Rotate Left (Ctrl+Left)
  • Rotate Right (Ctrl+Right)
  • Camera (Ctrl+S)
  • Zoom (Ctrl+Z)
  • Back (Ctrl+Backspace)
  • Home (Ctrl+H)
  • Overview (Ctrl+O)
  • More

Note: if you accidentally minimize or close the action bar, click Alt+Tab to bring it back.

To access the full list of commands for the Android VMs please visit:


Setting up Android emulator location

To test the location functionality on Android VMs:

  1. locate the action bar to the next to the emulator.
  2. Select the more button (…) of the action bar.
  3. Select the ‘Location’ tab (if not already selected)
  4. On the right side of the page input the desired location and
  5. Hit the set location button.

To learn about setting up your application for mobile testing, visit this article.

If you have any questions please contact your CSM or reach out to support@rainforestqa.com

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