View HTTP request logs from Rainforest VMs at the network level

With HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Logs, Rainforest makes it possible to view all HTTP traffic that passes to and from each Rainforest Virtual Machine (VM). With HTTP logs, it is possible to discover any request interruptions at the network level as well understand the chronological order in which HTTP requests were made.

To view the HTTP browser logs of a VM used by a tester during a run, click on a test's run results. Next, click into the result of interest and then on a screenshot to reveal the detailed results modal for that tester. In the detailed results modal, in the bottom right corner you will see "View (tester)'s HTTP Request Log". To view the HTTP Logs, click this link.


Things to Note:

  • HTTP Logs are available for both Web and Mobile Web regression tests.
  • HTTP Logs will open in a separate browser tab when clicked.
  • Rainforest can provide HTTP Logs for around 90% of all test results. If you notice that HTTP logs are unavailable for a result, please reach out to us.

If you have any questions about HTTP logs, please drop us a note at

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