Different levels of results can be accessed from within the Results area, starting with a high level overview of your runs all the way to individual tester results for a given run of a test on a platform. Let's break down what you will see, and what you can access from here.


When you click into Results, the first thing you see is the Runs page. Everything starts from here.

It has two views you can toggle between: you can see results from regular runs or results from draft runs, where a test is run in draft state in order to get tester feedback.

Runs and Draft Runs in results

Both are presented in table format, with various columns of information, such as the Rainforest run ID, run name, platform it ran on, when it ran, and how long the run took.

Want to know more? Go into more detail on the Runs page.

Run Summary

The next level down is the Run Summary. The Run Summary contains everything you need to know about the test(s) you ran: how many ran in total, on what platforms, and how many passed and/or failed.

The Run Summary page

There's also more information about the run itself, such as who triggered it (and from where), whether it was a scheduled run (i.e. part of a run group), and how many credits it used. From here, you can also search for keywords and test titles within the run.

Want to know more? Go into more detail on the Run Summary page.

Test Results

When you click into the results of an individual test, you are in the Test Results page, or Detailed Test Results. Here you can see the results from that particular run of the test across the platform(s) it ran against.

Test result page

From here, you can click into individual steps in order to reveal the tester screenshots, videos and logs as well as rate the testers.

Step Results

Clicking into a step brings you to a view of the tester(s) that executed your test, or an automated result marked as such. You can expect to see anywhere between one and three results, and in rare cases more than 3, if we don't reach consensus on a result with the first few testers.

Step results and tester thumbnails

Tester results, video, logs, and mouse tracking

Step results go a level deeper once you click into a screenshot from an individual tester. You can see the screenshot in more detail, watch a video of the step (as well as the rest of the test), toggle mouse tracking on/off to see where they clicked, rate the tester and leave a comment, and download logs or video.

Tester screenshot, video, logs, and mouse tracking events

Please note: Rating a tester does not remove the tester from ever testing for your account or directly affect their score. We encourage you to rate testers on their performance so we can improve results quality for everyone.

That's an overview of the pages you can access from the Results section. For more detail on what you can do in each, make sure to check out individual pages.

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