Our testers are located around the globe. This helps us ensure we have 24x7 coverage and can you run your tests at any time.

Are they using their own browsers to test?

By default, each tester is given in a newly started virtual machine with the browser you requested. This ensures each test is performed with a clean state; no cookies, browser tool bars or existing logins.

How fast can I expect their internet connection to be?

There are two aspects to this;

The testers' browser connection to the internet while testing

Testers have connection speed of 1 Gbps which is extremely fast (roughly 50x the American household average as of Sept 2014) and stable, and also comes from a known list of IPs, which you can use to whitelist Rainforest if needed for VPN access.

The testers' connection to the virtual machine

This is generally not necessary to worry about as the browser connection is the most important. The testers connection only affects the speed at which they can connect to our virtual machines, so won't affect your tests unless you require extremely time sensitive actions (e.g. gaming, rendering).

What connection speed do testers have locally?

We do not control the connection the tester has, so there’s is variance. We do ask them to have a “high speed” connection, so you can assume they all have at least 5mbps. Usually, it's faster. Their geographical location varies from tester to tester, so that can also affect latency.

Which IP addresses do testers come from?

We maintain an updated list here, or you can grab them through our API: https://app.rainforestqa.com/api/1/vm_stack

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