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Rainforest QA is committed to providing secure, reliable crowdsourced testing to our customers. Our network of crowdsourced testers is made up of thousands of people from around the world. Read on to learn more about our tester community - the wonderful, diverse group of people who test your applications!

Who our testers are

Our testers come from all around the world, mainly South America, Europe, and India. They come from a variety of backgrounds including (but not limited to) teaching, writing, computer science, stay-at-home parenthood, and of course - QA!

Where we find our testers

Rainforest testers were originally sourced through Amazon Mechanical Turk and CrowdFlower (now figure eight). Both services are dedicated to crowd provisioning and management, and provided us with the first check of workers’ identity and payment information verification.

The testers are now our proprietary crowd, managed by a dedicated Community Team. The majority of our tester crowd has been with Rainforest for 2-3 years, and we have not recruited any more in recent years. Instead, we've taken huge steps towards improving the skills of our existing community, and providing them with an improved infrastructure and user experience.

While there are no immediate plans to recruit new testers, should we choose to do so, we will recruit them directly instead of using crowd-provisioning services like the ones mentioned above.

Types of testers that work for us

In addition to the testers who perform the majority of the tests you see in Rainforest, we also have:

  • Super Testers: a highly skilled group of testers who help us with a variety of tasks, such as important test(er) quality initiatives and beta testing new tester-facing features
  • "Bug bashers": highly skilled testers recruited to perform Exploratory testing.
  • Test writers: a subset of Super Testers also known test authors, who write tests for clients. These testers have been additionally trained on the various aspects and nuances of Rainforest test writing.

Managing testers

Our tester community is managed by a dedicated Community Team that works closely with product managers, designers, and engineers to improve test(er) quality and create features that will improve the life cycle and every day workflow of our testers.

We’re always striving to improve the support we offer our testers, because we thoroughly believe that better supported testers = better results for our customers.

If you want to get to know a few of our testers a bit better, you can check out our series of 'Tester spotlight' articles from the blog.

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