Reading Portable Document Format (PDF) files in Rainforest Virtual Machines

Rainforest testers can open and view PDF files in Rainforest Virtual Machines through the PDF readers preinstalled on the VM.

Desktop Platforms

All VMs that run a Windows operating system (OS), such as Chrome HD, Firefox HD, Internet Explorer 11 HD, etc. have Adobe Acrobat Reader pre-installed and allow testers to open and view the PDF.

All VMs that run an OSX OS - namely OSX Chrome (HD), OSX Firefox (HD and Safari HD do NOT have a PDF specific program. However, these VMs do have the Preview desktop app preinstalled, which is capable of opening and viewing PDFs.

Mobile Platforms

For mobile platforms, specifically Android and iOS VMs, there are no preloaded applications specific for opening and viewing PDFs. However, the Android VMs feature a Chrome browser and the iOS VMs feature Safari, making it possible to view PDFs as these browsers have PDF reading functionality.

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