Test OTP / Google 2 Factor Authentication

You can test users that have existing 2 factor auth setups. Rainforest allows you to issue the OTP by passing Rainforest the secret for a particular user. Normally you would pass this a via step-variable.

Note: this should only be used for test-accounts and or test environments as the secret is exposed.

To get started:

  1. Add a base32 encoded secret to a step variable. We'll assume this is named {{logins.otp_secret}} for the rest of the example.

  2. Instruct the tester
    Open https://otp.rainforestqa.com/code/{{logins.otp_secret}} in a new tab.
    Copy the code shown when there is more than 15 seconds left.
    Paste it into the box on the previous tab.

    Was the code accepted to allow you to log in?

For an example of what this looks like for a tester, see this example.

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