Testing interactions between two users in a test

Many user applications require the actions of one user to affect the state of the app for another, and it's essential to confirm that these interactions work correctly before release.

Fortunately, assigning paired login credentials to testers with Rainforest's tabular variables can make this testing trivial, allowing for a single tester to login as and test the interactions between multiple personas.

Example 1:

Sending and receiving an email

All test email addresses in the format string@e.rainforestqa.com will automatically hook into a matching inbox: e.rainforestqa.com/string. You can easily take advantage of this pattern to allow a single tester to confirm both sending and receipt of an email.

Consider this sample test to that an internal email system works:

Step 1: 

Log in with email address: "##{{preset.email}}1@e.rainforestqa.com" and password: "mypassword1". Click 'New Message" in the top right.

Do you see a new, blank email open?

Step 2:

Enter Email: '##{{preset.email}}2@e.rainforestqa.com', Subject: "hi' and body: "OMG hi". Hit 'Send'

Do you see a 'Success!' message in the lower right corner?

Step 3:

Go to "e.rainforestqa.com/##{{preset.email}}2" and look for the email titled "hi".

Do you see the email?

Example 2:

Co-signing a document

For this example, let's imagine we are a document signing startup, and we want to make sure that our real-time co-signing works correctly.

We have created and uploaded a tabular variable named 'User' into our account with 50 rows of two columns, credential1, and credential2. Now, we just need to drop in the placeholder variable. Our testers can take it from there!

Step 1: 

Sign in with email address: "##{{user.credential1}}@e.rainforestqa.com" and password: "password".

Are you logged into a dashboard with a completed form displayed?

Step 2:

Click the "Sign and send" button in the lower right corner, and enter "##{{user.credential2}}@e.rainforestqa.com" for the recipient email. Click 'OK'.

Do you see a "Signed and Sent!" popup appear?

Step 3: 

Click "Sign out" in the top right, then immediately click "Sign in" and enter email address: "##{{user.credential1}}@e.rainforestqa.com" and password: "password".

Are you logged into a dashboard displaying this message: "You have a new form requiring your signature"?

These back and forth interactions can be as intricate as you require, simply by having the tester repeatedly log in as one persona and perform an action, then log out and log in as the other and respond, and then repeat. All it takes is one set of variables!

Remember, all tabular variable values will persist for a single tester within one test run, but will not persist between them. This means you will want each tester to act in both roles for each process.

Questions? We're here to help!

Not sure how to build out your paired user test? Looking for suggestions, tips or tricks? Reach out to us at support@rainforestapp.com with any questions!

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