Click-to-copy is a tool and syntax that allows text to be copied to the clipboard of the tester so that they can easily copy and paste text specified in the step and you can easily glance at a step to see what will be copied. It also makes it very obvious you want the text copied and pasted.

Here is text being formatted and what it looks like to the tester:

How do I add Click to Copy to my steps?

While editing a step, text can be highlighted and a widget will appear. Clicking the click-to-copy widget will put the text highlighted inside of “[[copy()]]” syntax. Click *Save* and you’ll see that the text is click-to-copy-able.

How do I remove Click to Copy?

  1. Delete the [[copy()]] using your mouse and/or keyboard
  2. Highlight all text in between the parenthesis in copy() and click the widget. The syntax will disappear:

When should I use Click to Copy?

Two best practices:

  1. Make step variables easily copy-able by the testers
  2. Whenever you want testers to copy and paste text (typically into a text field or while filling out a form)

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