Previewing Screenshots and Downloadable Files

Embedded files inserted through drag-and-drop will display a preview of the file when you hover over it. Additionally, files can be directly downloaded from the same test view by clicking on the file.


What kinds of files will I be able to preview?

  • In the Test Edit view, the preview modal will trigger for image files that are embedded as #{{ file.screenshot(xxxx, xxxx) }} which happens automatically.
  • For other file types which typically embed as #{{, xxxx) }}, these can be downloaded directly by clicking on the gray box containing the file but will not trigger the preview modal like screenshots do.

Not all my files have been added by drag-and-drop, does it matter?

  • Yes, currently only files added through Rainforest's CLI or drag-and-drop and added within that test will trigger the preview.

How do I embed a file?

  • You can directly drag a file from your file location into the text field. You will see a + symbol when you are over the text field.
  • Once you drop the file, the file will be given a file number and enclosed by double braces #{{}}.
  • Click save, and then the file name will convert into a gray box.

If you have any questions about embedding files, please let us know at!

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