Have testers navigate automatically to another site while testing

When embedded tests (which you can learn more about here) are inserted into a test, testers will be redirected to the starting URL of that test once they reach the step containing that test. If an embedded test is also the very first step of your test, testers will use the embedded test's starting URL in place of the framing test's starting URL.

In the example below, the tester will start at www.rainforestqa.com instead of www.google.com because an embedded test is used as the first step in the test. Thus, the embedded test's origin URL supersedes the new test's test URL. If you prefer this redirect not to occur, you can simply uncheck the "Use Embedded URL" box.

In the next example, the tester will start at the "Embedded Test as a later step"s URL, but will be redirected to the embedded test's URL once they reach step 2. Again, if you prefer this redirect not to occur, just uncheck the "Redirect Tester" box and the test will continue on without redirecting.

Testers are redirected by default, but you can change this behavior within the Sites menu. Please note, that changing this behavior does not change the behavior of using an embedded test as the first step. Adding an embedded test in this manner will always cause a redirect.

Note: Redirect settings only affect your user account, not for the account overall. Each team member will need to set their desired redirect behavior.

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