Use Rainforest’s pool of SMS numbers to test your app's ability to send text messages.  Combine it with our SMS inbox variable to verify receipt of the SMS, all from within the web browser. No mobile device needed!

SMS variables work in the same way as our other built-in step variables.
The variables act as placeholders in your instructions and will generate a valid number when the test is executed.

Similar to {{random.inbox}} the {{sms.inbox}} is a virtual inbox where text messages are sent to and can be viewed by our testers.

How to use SMS variables

Insert an SMS variable to test your app's ability to send text messages to a device. From the list of step variables: 

  1. Choose SMS > {{sms.number}}
    to send a text message

2. Include a step that instructs the user to review the sent text
3. Choose SMS > {{sms.inbox}}
    to receive a text message

The {{sms.inbox}} value will appear to a tester as a URL.  When opened in a browser window, the URL appears like this:

Example of generated variables

Like all other step variables, the SMS number and inbox variables are persistent throughout the test.

Sample test instructions

Enter {{sms.number}} in the cell phone field. Remove the "+1" if the 10 digit number does not fit in the field. Click Send Confirmation.

Do you see a confirmation banner?

Open a new tab in the browser and go to "{{sms.inbox}}". Click on the most recent message.

Do you see the confirmation link?

Note: only 1 unique case of {{sms.number}} can be used in a single test.

If further SMS variables are needed within a single test, please ask our team about purchasing your own pool of Private SMS numbers!

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