Generate test accounts to use for Facebook

Social variables are used to generate test Facebook accounts for testers to use upon test initiation.

Setting up your social variables

To use social variables within your Rainforest test, you must have your Facebook App ID and App secret.

  1. You find these via Facebook developer page here.
  2. Once you have these, go to your Step Variable settings, add the values to the form, and save.

Please note:

The Facebook App that you configure in Rainforest must be the same as the one in your application or website.

How to use the Social Variables

You are now ready to use social step variables! You can find the social_account option in the step-variable dropdown:

Social Variable Selection Options

  • #{{social_account.facebook_url}} - provides Facebook URL (ex.
  • #{{social_account.facebook_login}} - provides a login email (ex. )
  • #{{social_account.facebook_password}} - provides password for login (ex. 1912905658)

Sample Instructions

Go to #{{social_account.facebook_url}}, and enter login email:" #{{social_account.facebook_login}}" , then enter password: "#{{social_account.facebook_password}}". Click Log In.

  • Did you successfully login into the account?

Click "LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK". A new window will appear. IF you are not automatically logged in then enter Email: "#{{social_account.facebook_login}}" and Password: "#{{social_account.facebook_password}}" Then click the LOG IN button. Click the Continue as a Facebook user, then Click Sign Up.

  • Are you signed into the Facebook account?

Sample Facebook Account

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