Share and reuse common values across multiple tests to simplify test maintenance

Custom variables allow you to share values across multiple tests. You might define a custom variable called "my_app.title", set it to a specific title value, then easily drop it in to any test step to share the same value across multiple steps and tests.

If you need to update the value, simply update the custom variable in the Settings section. This will update it anywhere the custom variable placeholder was used! 

Within the step editor, click '{} step variables' to bring up the step variables menu:

Click on any of the step variable groups to reveal all the step variables within it:

Finally, click the variable you wish to insert.

Adding new custom variables:

To add new custom variables, select the "Step Variables" option from the Settings menu. Click on the "Add New +" button on the right side of "Custom Variables" to create new variable. Give it a name, description and add rows to fit your requirements.

Please note:

Custom variables can contain other step variables within their value!

For example, a variable called "email.example" could have a value of "#{{ random.first_name}}" and each tester would get a random "" email.

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