Facebook error stops run

On occasion, runs with tests that include the Facebook Social Variables will fail with a resulting error like: “OAuthException, code: 1”

The most common occurrence is a code:1 which the Facebook documentation references as: “Possibly a temporary issue due to downtime. Wait and retry the operation. If it occurs again, check you are requesting an existing API.”

How to manage

We recommend verifying the Facebook Auth Token is still valid and retry the run. Based on previous experience, you can try re-running the test soon after you get the error, but sometimes you may have to wait up to 24 hours.

For more information on the error, please refer to Facebook developer documentation below.


What does Rainforest do to address the issue? 

  • Rainforests attempts to create the facebook test account up to 5 times, with an increased wait interval upon each retry before stopping and declaring an error.

Can the run continue despite the error? 

  • Currently, when the run encounters this error the run will stop. Although this is not ideal, it is the expected behavior. If this issue continuously impacts your tests (i.e. scheduled runs) on a regular basis, consider running the Facebook related tests separately as to not interfere with your larger group of tests.
  • Since it is based on Facebook behavior, we cannot directly address the issue. However, we are investigating possible solutions on our end to help mitigate runs from completely stopping.

If you need further assistance, click the blue chat icon in the Rainforest App or email us at support@rainforestqa.com.

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